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db-25 rack panel

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This product is available for backorder. While we don't have any immediately in stock, we do have all of the components available, so just need to do final assembly and testing. Please allow one week before this product can be shipped.

If you're getting a rear cabling option for your interface module, and you are installing into an enclosure, you may want to pick up a pre-drilled panel to make sure you get a clean installation.


This panel will fit in a standard eurorack and will occupy 5HP. It's made from FR4 PCB material so it's not as strong as the steel panels we sell for mounting to an enclosure, but it's robust enough for a static installation.  

These are a bit of a trial. If you want one with your purchase, It will be included and you can provide feedback. Standalone purchases are limited for the time being to owners of the module until we have a bit more feedback. 

This is only the FR4 panel. It does not include the DB-25 connectors which are shown so you see how they look. The DB-25 connectors are attached to the rear cabling option of the nw2s::io and nw2s::o16.