nw2s::io unbalanced kit

nw2s::io unbalanced kit

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The nw2s::io lets you integrate your modular with your studio just as if it were another well-behaved piece of rack gear. The module provides a consistent, single point of integration between the two worlds and keeps cabling hassle to a minimum. 

The unbalanced module provides a completely passive signal path that is convenient for those studios that have short cable runs to unbalanced gear and don't have any potential interference issues. The signal from modular to studio levels are attenuated passively by 6dB. This provides an ideal recording level for +/- 5V levels typical for most VCOs, but also provides enough headroom for +/- 10V and greater signals from some louder VCAs and overdrive modules. 

This complete kit is everything you need to build an unbalanced nw2s::io. This module provides 8 channels of audio routed from your modular signals on 1/8" jacks to standard Tascam-format analog DB-25 connectors. 

You can find the assembly instructions here