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The nw2s::b is an open, Arduino-based modular synthesis development platform for the Eurorack format with 55 independent interface points including CV and digital input and output jacks, knobs, buttons, and even audio. Yes, this module will allow you to emulate almost any existing sequencer, LFO, envelope generator, arpeggiator, quantizer, control voltage processor, hybrid oscillator, or other insane source of uncertainty.

More importantly, it will allow you to build nearly anything you can imagine.

The platform itself is a combination of hardware and software. The software provides a framework which allows you to configure the behavior of the module in a declarative syntax that should be relatively easy to pick up even for those with minimal programming experience.

The framework can easily be extended to provide a consistent development experience or it may be bypassed completely for access to the raw hardware.
Expansion possibilities are provided through the standard Arduino expansion ports which have been exposed via pin headers including I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB, and UART. 

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Unfortunately, the bluetooth adapter is no longer available. I've left the information available in case anyone can track one down or wants to modify for another version of bluetooth, but it will not have all of the same functionality.