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Sample playback on the nw2s::b

Been working on the 1.0 release of the firmware that will allow normal humans to be able to program this beast of a synth. Getting stable sample playback streaming off the SD card was holding me back, but I think I've cracked it! You can now playback samples of any length from the SD card and loop them! Expect some granular glitch machines next. Here's a demo patch I threw together last night using a sample of a music box on DAC1, some rain on DAC2, a couple of random CV generators, a µfold and a couple of filters. [soundcloud][/soundcloud] The music box is routed into a µfold whose folds and symmetry values are being modulated. From there, the audio is routed to a Z2040 filter. The rain sound is filtered through an SeM20 whose cutoff frequency is also modulated. It's all been recorded and treated with some delay and reverb. Another parameter is available for those looking for a little more unpredictability. The looper may be set up with a glitch trigger input which, when triggered, will seek to a random position in the loop. This, combined with a probabilistic trigger sequencer results in something like this: [soundcloud][/soundcloud] And why not reverse too? (Playback direction is toggled with a trigger) [soundcloud][/soundcloud] More info and an official release coming soon. Here's a sample of the config file used to generate this patch. Programming the nw2s::b should now be easier than programming your favorite digital/hybrid/virtual sampler/workstation/synth/multieffect/sequencer! { "program" : { "name" : "Sample Looper Demo 1", "clock" : { "type" : "FixedClock", "tempo" : 60, "beats" : 16 }, "devices" : [ { "type" : "CVSequencer", "division" : "eighth", "analogOutput" : 16, "min" : 0, "max" : 5000 }, { "type" : "CVSequencer", "division" : "quarter", "analogOutput" : 14, "min" : 0, "max" : 5000 }, { "type" : "CVSequencer", "division" : "dotted eighth", "analogOutput" : 15, "min" : 0, "max" : 5000 }, { "type" : "CVSequencer", "division" : "half", "analogOutput" : 13, "min" : 0, "max" : 5000 }, { "type" : "Looper", "subfolder" : "melodic", "filename" : "musicbox.raw", "samplerate" : "24000", "dacOutput" : 1 }, { "type" : "Looper", "subfolder" : "noise", "filename" : "rain.raw", "samplerate" : "24000", "dacOutput" : 2 } ] } } For more information on the devices available in the firmware along with plenty of audio samples, please see [The Firmware Reference page]( Enjoy!

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