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Official Release! Version 1.0 Firmware

I'm happy to announce the 1.0 version of the nw2s::b firmware. This is quite a milestone in the development of this extremely flexible programmable module. Until now, the nw2s::b has been a seemingly untamed beast, requiring developer-fu to make heads or tails of the array of inputs, outputs, timers, and display options. ## Normal Humans, Rejoice! Now mortals can program the nw2s::b easier than programming your favorite digital/hybrid/virtual sequencer/synth/multi-effect unit. Using an easy-to-read configuration file loaded onto an SD card, entire patches can be built with just a few lines of configuration. To celebrate, and to get the 'b into more hands, I'm putting a few of the pre-built modules on sale for a limited time. Once these sell out, I'll accept back-orders at a slightly discounted rate as well, with just a but of turnaround time for getting them assembled. ## What's It Do? The nw2s::b is a general purpose, programmable microcontroller. The algorithms of the 'b could generally be described as controlled chaos. Automata that are organized and allowed to run free, that the operator gently nudges one direction or another. #### CV Generation and Sequencing Bread and butter repeatable, random sequencing [soundcloud][/soundcloud] [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Resettable, evolving, morphing sequences [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Randomizable sequencing [soundcloud][/soundcloud] "Playable" sequences via any CV source like pedals, ribbons, or vegetables [soundcloud][/soundcloud] [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Random Looping Shift Register (like the Turing Machine) [soundcloud][/soundcloud] #### Sample playback and audio mangling Basic sample playback with CV modulation [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Sample playback with triggered glitches [soundcloud][/soundcloud] And why not reverse too? [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Bytebeats (aka - abusing microcontroller registers) [soundcloud][/soundcloud] [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Discrete Noise Oscillator - sample and hold gone awry. [soundcloud][/soundcloud] #### Internal Clocks, Dividers, and Multipliers Fixed clocks, variable clocks, and even random, drunken clocks with the triggers set up to drive any other devices. ## How do I make it work? Moving forward, all units will ship with the 1.0 firmware installed. To program, simply remove the microSD card (an SD to microSD adapter is the perfect size to eject the SD card), open the /programs/default.b file, paste in your program and save it. Replace the microSD card and hit the reset button. Viola! a reprogrammed nw2s::b. Subsequent firmware upgrades containing additional algorithms and parameters can be made using either the Arduino IDE or a standalone programmer available on the downloads page. ## What's in the future? There is already an enthusiastic community developing code and helping shape the future of the device. You can join in too. There's a list of upcoming devices on github. Early releases are always available, and I'm working directly with a few folks on some more targeted functionality that everyone will benefit from. ## Where do I get it? Order it! [color-button href=""]Click here for more details and to order[/color-button]

(Or, if you already own one of the beasts, just [visit the download page](/downloads) to get your copy of the most recent firmware release along with the standalone programmer.)

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