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Framework POC

I've been developing a framework for algorithmic composition using microcontrollers such as the Arduino or Beagle. The code is currently supported on the Ardcore which runs on the Uno as well as the Due which is the board I'm using in a multi-output design. The goal of the framework is to provide a number of modular building blocks on which you can design custom sequenced and algorithmic compositional tools. This is a demonstration of a fixed ADSR generator and gate output that are based on a regular clock. The sound source is a Morphing Terrarium with the Z position modulated by the decayed gate output and the VCA modulated by the ADSR output. The X/Y position is unmodulated, but sent to a bubblesound SEM20 with the cutoff frequency modulated by an LFO. Obviously, the ADSR is nothing in and of itself, but with any framework, the work to get to this point is mostly unseen. This is as much a POC of the framework concept as anything else. I'm in the process of building a prototype that will be able to generate all of the control signals at once. Having all of them together makes a framework that much more significant. And for a few more details... Outputs are digitized using a Radial DI amplified by a Daking preamp into an Avid HD IO. There's some Lexicon Random Hall, Valhalla Ubermod, and Soundtoys Crystalizer processing added afterwards. For more information on the code, please see I'll have some more information on the hardware prototyping soon. Just getting some details together.    

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