First Wave Preorder Status Update

I'll keep this post up to date with the current status of parts orders. * Panels: Ordered and received! * Commodity parts: Ordered and received! * Arduinos: Ordered and received! * SD Card readers: Ordered and recieved! * LED Drivers: Ordered and received! * microSD cards: Ordered and Received! * Knobs: Ordered and Received! * PCB: Ordered and Received! * Bluetooth Modules: Ordered and Received! * Jacks: Ordered and Received! * BI Tech Potentiometers: Ordered and Received! * Grayhill Switches: Ordered and Received! The switches finally were shipped! Will be finishing up in the next few days and invoices will start going out next week for the final payments. Woohoo! ## Main boards Here's all the main boards. These guys are done, waiting for the panels. progress1 ## Panels Here are the panels. Waiting to solder all the jacks and pots and switches in place. panels

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