Shipping will be unavailable from Dec 21 to Jan 3. Orders placed during that time will be shipped the week of Jan 3.

First Wave Preorder Status Update

I'll keep this post up to date with the current status of parts orders. * Panels: Ordered and received! * Commodity parts: Ordered and received! * Arduinos: Ordered and received! * SD Card readers: Ordered and recieved! * LED Drivers: Ordered and received! * microSD cards: Ordered and Received! * Knobs: Ordered and Received! * PCB: Ordered and Received! * Bluetooth Modules: Ordered and Received! * Jacks: Ordered and Received! * BI Tech Potentiometers: Ordered and Received! * Grayhill Switches: Ordered and Received! The switches finally were shipped! Will be finishing up in the next few days and invoices will start going out next week for the final payments. Woohoo! ## Main boards Here's all the main boards. These guys are done, waiting for the panels. progress1 ## Panels Here are the panels. Waiting to solder all the jacks and pots and switches in place. panels

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