The nw2s treatment for the humble mult.

At it’s heart is a high-performance, audio-focused Burr Brown OPA4134 op amp, so you can stop treating your multed audio as if it were no different from your CV signals. But that just gets us started.

We’ve built one circuit that can be configured as either buffered or passive. It’s simple enough to be done as a DIY project in under an hour. There’s plenty of space for your fingers to work the cables. The four groups of 1×3 mults are normalized across the panel, cascading downward, so it’s flexible anywhere between 4 1x3s to a 1×12. It can be run from +/-12V to +/-18V rails for enhanced audio performance (yes, I’m working on a +/- 18V power supply for all of my audio modules). Also, we’re not relying on crude diodes or inline fuses for power protection any more. This module uses both a keyed power header and and our near zero voltage dropout MOSTFET reverse voltage protection circuit.

DIY instructions are coming soon, but note that it’s got some very basic SMT soldering that’s required. The op amp is an SOIC-14 and the MOSFET is an SOIC-8. Everything else is through hole.

It’s utilitarian, it works, and you won’t be afraid to tell your mom you ran your audio through it.




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