The Square Wave Test

The Square Wave Test

There is a recent thread on the MW forum about the array of I/O modules, which may or may not sound better and why. I assert that while the sound of I/O modules does matter to a degree, the most important aspect of them is whether or not they enhance your workflow. Everyone has their […]

nw2s::io design, usage, and update

Great news! I now have a fully working nw2s::io balanced prototype running, fully powered. The signal PCBs arrived last week and the power PCBs this week. They tested out great. There is a slight tweak I’m making to the gain staging, but other than that – perfect! I am now ordering production boards and expect […]

System Configuration for the ‘b

A new feature of 1.1 is the ability to store system configurations on the SD card. This will allow us to remove any system-specific settings from code and b programs as well as allow us to configure some things that have not been easy until now. The config file is located in /config/sys.b and looks […]

Upcoming Grid Support Preview

I’ve been a bit busy, with the ‘io module, but I’ve also gotten a lot of code written for the ‘b on the way to the 1.1 firmware release. Added to that is some great contributions from one person in particular. The ‘b has some great possibilities now and there are more already slated for […]